We believe in Relationships and Results, not just transactions...

A specialised Property Management team can make all the difference to help ensure that renting out your property can be easy and pain free. At Shield Management we are more than just a property management company. We are a team of investment specialists who will work with you to not only manage all aspects of your property, but to also increase your Return on Investment (ROI). We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and commitment by offering a more comprehensive and meticulous service than conventional agencies.

Operating on the belief that no property, landlord or tenant are the same, we offer a new standard within the real estate industry. Our clients can deal with one person who knows everything about their property, because our property managers have a passion for Property Management, owned their own property, and have many years experience within the real estate industry.

Conventional real estate agencies tend to focus all their energy and time into their sales department as the most important aspect of the business and have a property management division run as a secondary arm. They generally have little commitment from staff to ensure quality work who treat it as "just a job".  We understand the hard work and careful planning that goes into purchasing your investment property, and the unnecessary problems that occur when you have an inexperienced property manager who is managing your property worth thousands of dollars.  The property management industry is a minefield of unexpected problems for the inexperienced.

We devote 100% of our time, energy and passion into doing one thing extremely well, which means we are very good at it!  This shows in the end result and the service you receive.


Why Choose Us?  Our Points of Difference...

When choosing a Property Manager a lot of landlords contact a number of different agencies to gain an idea of fees and charges to base their decision on.  However in our experience most landlords are not after the cheapest agent - they are after the best service.  When a lot of owners contact our agency to transfer the management from their current agent - their complaint is never about the fees they are being charged...its always about the poor service they are receiving.

Like anything nowadays you tend to get what you pay for.   At Shield Management we want to ensure our clients receive value for money.  When you are trying to choose an agent it's important what they can offer you, however its more important why they are different than the agent down the road.  The reason more landlords are choosing Shield Management every day include:

  • Effective marketing of properties online is more important than ever in the world nowadays.   We not only highlight our properties on, unlike other agencies we will offer a 360 Virtual Tour of the property allowing prospective tenants an interactive virtual walk through of your property as if they were there in person.  This opens up your pool of prospective tenants and reduces vacancy periods SAVING YOU MONEY. Click here to view a 360 Virtual tour.
  • We show your property to prospective tenants when other agencies won't.   This allows more tenants through your home further reducing vacancy periods which again SAVES YOU MONEY.   Unlike other agencies we do Open Homes every Saturday on every vacant rental property.
  • Complete transparency - our secure owner portal allows you free access 24/7 to view your investment details including property statements online.
  • Prospective tenants can book into available viewings of rentals 24/7 making it quick and easy to view your home. By making it easy means more prospective tenant views, which means reduced vacancy periods....SAVING YOU MONEY
  • We are so confident in our service that we offer some GUARANTEES that you will receive what you are paying for! Our clients receive a 90 day money back guarantee, as well as a continuing service guarantee providing  some peace of mind.  Very few conventional real estate agencies will be able to offer you these!  Contact us for more info here...


Our Business is Based on Integrity...we do what we say we are going to do...

At Shield Management we believe that a business is built on its reputation.   We also believe that a great reputation is only earned with integrity and commitment to service.   Put simply our clients and customers are our greatest assets.

We pride ourselves on our communication. It is such an important aspect in property management - however some of the most common causes of complaints from owners is that their property manager won't get back to them or let them know what's going on. We believe that good communication is vital in ensuring our owners know what's happening with their property at all times.

To receive more detailed information about what Shield Management can do for you, including our fees and charges, click here to receive our exclusive Landlord information Pack.