Shield Management is a professional boutique Real estate agency with the main focus on residential property management. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and commitment by offering a more comprehensive and meticulous service than conventional agencies. 



We understand the hard work and careful planning that goes into purchasing your investment property, and the unnecessary problems that occur when you have a property manager that has never owned a rental home and has only been in the industry for a year or two, as they are managing your Investment property worth thousands of dollars, with very little commitment or expertise. The property management industry is a minefield of unexpected problems for the inexperienced.



A Specialised Property Management Agency can make all the difference to help ensure that renting out your property can be easy and pain free!  Conventional Real Estates focus their energy on their Sales department as the most important aspect of the business, and have a property management division run as a secondary arm.  This shows in the end result and the service you receive. They also generally have little commitment from staff to ensure quality work as staff treat it as “just a job”.    Because we devote 100% of our time, energy and passion to doing one thing extremely well, we are very good at it! 



At Shield Management, we can offer a more thorough service which can help you locate accountants, solicitors, finance brokers, market appraisals to sell your investment, buyers agents, tax depreciation schedules, and just about anything property related!

We offer full management services including:

• Photos taken at EVERY Routine Inspection, Supported by a formal inspection report sent to all owners


• Regular Drive -By inspections are conducted along with 3 monthly inspections of the property      interior


• Arrears control is done Daily


• We seek owners instructions on all maintenance issues that are reported or identified


• Regular preventative maintenance and safety checks with prompt attention given to necessary repairs


• Lease Renewals – Owners are contacted prior to the current tenants lease expiring to arrange for another fixed lease agreement and to implement a rent increase if required 


• Weekly Property Inspection Service to check the security of your property during periods of vacancy


• We often inspect the standard of our tradespeople's work prior to payment to ensure quality work is maintained


• We can handle all warranty or insurance claims on behalf of an owner.  We also specialise in monitoring brand new properties through a builders maintenance free period





Our Business is based on Integrity

Owning an investment property can be a stress free experience!! Let us show you!