You deserve a Rent Guarantee...

Most owners realise when they rent out their property there are No Guarantees and a lot of uncertainty! Some of the worries you may have might include:

  1. How long will it take to find tenants for my property?
  2. What rent will I achieve?
  3. Will my tenants default on rental payments?
  4. How much will it cost me to make up any loss of income?

Well at Shield Management we think its about time time for a change and to level the playing field! We don’t think its fair that your money/income is on the line so we are going to put our money where our mouth is!   Its time to make your Property Manager accountable!   Instead of empty promises about how long it will take to source a tenant for your property or be exposed to loss of income, we are providing all of our clients a Rent Guarantee on every property regardless of whether its new or somewhat older.


What is a rent Guarantee?

A rental guarantee could be one of the most valuable tools for property investors. However not all rental guarantees are created equal.

Beware of the “Rental Guarantee” that is offered by a builder or developer when selling new House and Land packages.   Some of these are not what they seem to be.   Many of these guarantees are offering 4% - 5% returns on the purchase price for a period of 1 to 3 years typically.   However these returns can quite often drop significantly once the guarantee is over as market rents do not offer the same returns.    Also – in many cases a developer will increase the initial purchase price of a House and Land package to offset any rent guarantee, which can have an impact at a later date when the time comes to sell.  So therefore there is no real benefit to an investor.

A true Rent Guarantee gives security to an investor against extended periods of vacancy of tenants who have defaulted on rent payments.   It protects a landlord for a set period of time, by supplying an income “top up”.  This is the peace of mind all property investors need to have.


12 Month Peace of Mind:

Our 12 month Rent Guarantee can provide our clients with some peace of mind at no cost.  It’s a unique product unlike any other in the industry. Its offered to all our new clients at no cost to them simply because we are confident in our abilities.   We offer it because we WANT TO not because we need to.   We believe its time to offer some real value in Property Management and to take away the empty promises that’s rife throughout the industry.

Some of the main points of our Rent Guarantee are as follows:

  • The Guarantee starts 7 days from available date of property.
  • Will also apply to already tenanted properties transferred to our management  *conditions apply*
  • We Guarantee that the annual gross income will not be less than the annual Rent guarantee amount.
  • Any rental income in excess of the minimum rent guarantee amount, you are not at liberty to refund. This means you get to keep it all.

For a complete copy of Shield Managements Rent Guarantee Agreement Click Here


Changing to Shield Management is easy:

 Whether your property is tenanted or vacant, changing management to our agency to easy.  It doesn't matter if there is a current lease agreement in place or not.    We will handle absolutely everything; all we require is your written authority to notify your current agent of the changeover.  It will have no effect on your current tenants and won't cost you a cent!