Preparing your home to rent out...

 If you are moving out of your property and wanting to rent it out, then preparing your home for this can be a daunting experience.   You could be unsure on what needs to be done and have concerns that your property may get damaged.  Please contact us and we would be happy to make a time with you to meet at your property to discuss what needs to be done to prepare for tenants (obligation free).

We have also compiled a brief list of points to consider prior to tenants occupying the property:

  • Re-direct all mail with Australia Post
  • Ensure you have Building Insurance in place and part of this we require you to have Public Liability Insurance
  • Notify your Council Rates and Utilities of your change of address (we can pay these on your behalf if you prefer)
  • Notify your insurance company that the property will now be tenanted
  • Prepare the property to be cleaned to tenancy standards prior to advertising.   Lawns and gardens will also need doing
  • Ensure a working Safety Switch on the power circuit is in place
  • Ensure all Smoke Alarms are working and comply with current Smoke Alarm Legislation
  • Ensure all locks are working, no leaking taps, and general maintenance is complete
  • Leave any manuals for appliances etc at the property or with the Agent
  • We will need at least 2 full sets of keys cut for the property  (1 set to be provided to tenant and we hold 1 set also)

We can help you prepare your property for tenants and can help you organise any of the above.  There are also specific requirements for owners of properties that have pools.  Requirements also exist to ensure the property is up to standard to pass on water consumption charges to tenants.  Please contact us for more detailed information here. 



 Investor Resources....

  During the process of conducting business we come across a number of different companies that specialize in different aspects of the property industry.   Sometimes these companies/businesses contact us directly and others are referred directly and indirectly through mutual clients and customers. Like any company or business that exists in the world, some are highly recommended while others are not.   At Shield Management we want to help our landlords and clients in any way we can, so as a result we have put together a list of resources that may be of help.   We have found that in our experience the dealings we have had with the below companies have been of a very high standard.